Fire Cider: an ode to the cold months

Fire Cider: an ode to the cold months

There is a slow medicine that swoops in with the colder months. Instead of a sense of urgency that is often associated with heat and sunshine, these colder days ask us to reflect, to look inward and start navigating the shadows. While your mind is making adjustments, so is your body. Temperatures are changing, different bacteria and viruses are circulating, and most folks experience illness during this time.

Fire Cider is a term coined by Rosemary Gladstar in the 80s, a term that caused years of legal issues (it’s quite the drama, check it out), and an oxymel that has been used as a folk remedy for centuries. It is a tonic that can be used at the starting signs of a cold (cough, sniffly nose, achy body) to help strengthen and boost the immune system.

Oxymels are derived from the Greek word Oxymeli, meaning acid and honey. Vinegar is used as a solvent that extracts plant constituents, while honey acts as a preservative and anti-inflammatory. This tonic is steeped for about 4 weeks in apple cider vinegar and is mixed with honey right before being bottled. 





These are the superstars in my batch of Oxymeli. The commonality of all these spices is that they are warming, drying and pungent. They help break up mucus, get the blood moving, and help the body rid of toxins by promoting sweating. It is common for folks to experience a warming sensation in the chest, and for a runny nose to start if you’re feeling congested- that’s the fire cider stimulating your immune system and helping fight off infection. 

In addition to being an amazing support to the immune system, Oxymeli can help for folks who experience poor circulation and/or the sensation of always being cold. I run cold in the winter and will experience this chilled to the bone sensation where I can’t get warm no matter how many blankets I have. A dropperful of Oxymeli gives me a sense of relief, a feeling of warmth. 

I’m particularly excited for this batch because this year it contains: onions, garlic and peppers that I’ve organically grown myself, ginger and horseradish from the Alberta Co-Op, and honey that I was gifted at the OSBA bee convention that took 1st place its class. This tonic was made entirely of communal support and love, and that is exactly the energetics that should be called in when trying to help your body feel better. Grab yours here!


Disclosure: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Folks should consult with a licensed practitioner before using herbal products. 

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