I found myself sitting in a round field surrounded by chamomile flowers brimming with life. They danced and they swayed in the breeze, flowing in bliss, delighting in the sensation of petals being caressed. These flower dancers inspired me to do the same- I stretched my limbs to the sun, twisting as I rose, twirling my body around like the stems of the most delicate bloom. In circles, up, a spiral twist of joy. Light as a petal.

My dance became a sculpture forever frozen in their heads- an inspiration to grow once more after it got cold and they were dead. I followed the wind to the woods and they told me to stop. Petals fluttered around m, an invitation to linger a moment. I sat with them and watched and after several hours- my mind opened. I was done for. The longer I watched the more clearly I could see: a veil made of leaves, of petals, of stardust, slowly being parted and lifted for me. And on the other side.. 

Spirits. So many spirits. A world bursting with life. 

The trees were talking to each other and their tender limbs were stretching, yearning for the touch of another. 

The wind danced and wound about, ringing like a chime on a breezy day. 

The sprites of the chamomile flitted around the grass, the embodiment of joy with no fear of consequence. 

With spirits, the world is its own secret resource. Everything it could ever need, all there and ready to communicate. This isn't something you can unsee. It's something you long for. 

When I woke from this dream, it was with a resounding thought- let your mind wander as aimlessly as can be. Let your curiosity guide you, let reckless optimism lead you across that bridge. Keep your mind traveling to new and intriguing places. This is how you kindle joy. Exposed human emotions, the mindless humming drone of the day to day bustle- it all has a purpose. But it’s your world, and you should visit your curiosity as often as possible. 

You can find everything you need to partner with the energies of this dream, to embody this optimism and joy, here.

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