I was running parallel

                                  Does that provide your tragedy? 

Having the power of a spine is the effect of being a creative person.

On good days 

                   love for creating, pleasure in writing, imagining people dancing. 

The way we meet the demand for our energy is an artform. 

There’s a danger here- the sheer pleasure and temptation of falling in love

You’ll never know where I’m starting from

Or where I want to go 

                                    It’s easy to forget when you’re enjoying yourself. 

In this sense, I am holding a stopwatch. It lets me know when I am wasting time. It reminds me that I am done for. 

I take my cues simply, extraordinarily. 

One could argue that we all had the same goal: the last laugh. 

You know, the one big laugh. It always comes at the end, when you’re down a hole, and watching everything come crashing down. 

You don’t set the scene up. 

You don’t get the laugh at the end. 

We rushed through the middle while they took their time, standing behind us. Waiting to push us. 

Perhaps, for the first time, we’ll wait. 

I think of standing on the street. On the balcony above is a life I long for. I scribble a love note, fold it, send it up. It is suspended for a few moments, and the paper comes floating back, torn. It lands on my tongue like a raindrop. 

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