What is a flower essence? In short, the imprint of a flowers spirit. The flower is steeped in water and in that time, the water absorbs and shifts forms- it becomes a liquid form of all the knowledge, energy, and secrets a flower carries. 

What do I pick for the sliding scale? Whichever price is most comfortable! The sliding scale exists to keep these offerings available to as many folks as possible, and when you pick a higher tiered price you are actively contributing to community and helping keep this accessible. If you are in a cis white body and/or find yourself in a state of financial privilege, please consider paying the higher tiers. 

"Lemon Alchemy"? But what does it mean? You take something bad and make it into something good. A lemon has a societal connotation as something bad, something useless or defective. Alchemy is typically considered to be a magical process of transformation and creation. 

How do I use an essence? They're energetic allies and that totally depends on your practice and what you like. Mine are used in simple daily ritual, usually in my first cup of water for the day. I've also added a few drops into syrups I make for amplified intention. 

How soon can I expect my order? Orders are processed in 3-5 business days and will ship according to the option you select at checkout. 

Return Policy: All sales are final. The Lemon Alchemist does not process returns or exchanges unless items arrive damaged. 

Feel free to reach out if you have any other questions! 

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