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Blackberry Leaf Essence

Blackberry Leaf Essence

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If choices are feeling difficult, if you are haunted by indecision, work with blackberry leaf to help ask for what you truly want. To discern in the depths. This plant ally offers the wisdom of spiders, the safety of a thorned bramble bush, and the gift of clarity.

"It's only magic", but there's infinite truths. Blackberry hides the secrets of discernment beneath their brambles. 

This essence is offered on a sliding scale.

To use: 3-5 drops on your tongue up to 3x a day to find clarity in what's true for you. You can also add a few drops into a yummy beverage, add to a bath for amplified intention, or massage into your skin.

Ingredients: distilled water, herbal liquor, essences of fall time blackberry leaves and a mother spider, vegetable glycerin. 15 mL dropper bottle. 

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