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Chamomile Flower Essence

Chamomile Flower Essence

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If life is feeling dull and unimaginative, if everything around you is uninspiring these days, work with chamomile to replenish. To find a spark of curiosity. This plant ally demonstrates a curious existence through a lens of joy and slightly reckless optimism- all vital characteristics for helping you invite in what lights you up. 

This essence is offered on a sliding scale. 

To use: 3-5 drops on your tongue 3x a day, or as needed. You can also add a few drops into a yummy beverage, add to a bath for amplified intention, or massage into your skin.

Ingredients: essences of chamomile and Jupiter, marigold kisses, blue birds being chased by a squirrel. Pear brandy. 15 mL dropper bottle. 

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