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Dahlia Daydream Flower Essence

Dahlia Daydream Flower Essence

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If you’re feeling weary or scared of time, unsure of the position you hold in your dreams, it’s time to work with this dahlia essence. Dahlia carries the story of everything that was and everything that will be in the twirls of their petals. Dance with your past, with your future- every wild thing you dream for can be possible. Gathered in the dusk of dawn, steeped in the glow of a brightening day, this essence shares the promise of sunrise. Bottled under Venusian influence, this essence absorbed the beauty and intricacy that is being alive. Partner with this flower for a wild daydream and watch your life unfold. 

This is essence is offered on a sliding scale. 

To use: 3-5 drops on your tongue, 3x a day or as needed. This also works well mixed into a beverage, massaged into your skin, or added into a bath for extra intention. 

Ingredients: essences of dahlia and Venusian wonder, spring water, pear brandy. 15 mL dropper bottle.

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