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Pocketful of Sunshine Adornment Oil

Pocketful of Sunshine Adornment Oil

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A shimmery body adornment oil for when you're feeling powerful. 

You are bright, bold; the life source for all around you. 

To use: Adorn yourself with this intentionally charged oil on your collarbone or near your eyes any time you're wanting to embody the warm, radiant energy of the sun. 

 This offer is available on a sliding scale. 

Ingredients: sweet almond oil, mica powders. These oils are scent free, but glimmer like the fate of human existence lies in your hands. 

Sweet almond oil is easily absorbed and will leave a soft, silky shimmer in its wake. It's a slow burning sparkle and will not be immediately noticeable- wait until your skin catches in the light and be prepared for folks around you to be dazzled.

The roller ball style makes application easy and mess free, and it travels well! The perfect Pocketful of Intention to travel with. 10 mL glass vials. 

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